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Programme start

May 30, 2018
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EMBA Timetables

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Study Programme

The SKOLKOVO EMBA Programme consists of 17 modules and takes 18 months.

14 business disciplines
The disciplines provide a universal framework for successful management. You will acquire practical knowledge, methods and tools that can be applied in any country, sector or business of any size.

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Two international modules
The international modules provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in business practices in China and the Silicon Valley, and are specifically tailored to meet class requirements. Our students do not simply spend their time at a foreign business school: they actually become immersed in the new economy.

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Two cross-modular courses

The cross-modular courses continue throughout the studies and include project work in groups, personalised practice, work with programme mentors and coaches.

  • The Leadership course focuses on personal growth: you will learn how to manage your strengths and weaknesses and develop your own individual leadership style. The course will enable you to gain a better understanding of the motivations driving other people and learn how to work effectively with a group and in a group. The course theories and tools are immediately tried and tested in real-life situations.
  • The Business Development course enables you to create, develop and test your business idea with the support of SKOLKOVO’s professors, mentors, experts and community.

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Teaching methods

In addition to traditional lectures, our professors use innovative teaching methods that facilitate your assimilation of information and development of skills:

  • Home assignments are individualised and address the current business challenges facing your company;
  • Interactive lectures;
  • Group work on foreign and Russian case studies;
  • Business simulations;
  • Project work in China and the USA.
These methods enable you to immediately practice what you have learned. From the very first module you will start applying theoretical and practical knowledge in order to resolve the specific challenges facing your company based on the discipline that you have only just studied.


Andrew Akhtyamov
Avtostrada Management, Advisor to the CEO

First, I want to say that this challenge of learning the language is a true one. The School strictly adheres to this position, even though we, as a class where this experiment was carried out for the first time, didn’t really believe it at the beginning. The fact of this being taken very seriously is, of course, a very powerful impulse that makes you actually learn the language.

I started in February 2011 at the level where I had to study the alphabet. In September 2012, I successfully passed the final exam in English. The most important thing here is to spend your time on it. You have to combine individual lessons with internships, group sessions, and, definitely, plenty of studying on your own. Technically, it is a question of your motivation and your possibility to invest lots of time. There is no secret recipe here, but it is still possible. I passed the exam, but the really important thing is that I have understood 90 percent of the two modules that we have yet had in fluent English.

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