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May 30, 2018
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Executive MBA Programme

The SKOLKOVO Executive MBA is an international business education for senior executives and business owners

Advantages of the programme:

1 Unique class profile

SKOLKOVO EMBA students are the people who will define the future: the intellectual elite and the most promising representatives of senior management and the business community from Russia and the CIS.

  • 45 are leaders from different areas of business in the class
  • 40% run their own businesses
  • 60% are CEOs and directors
  • On average they have nine years of management experience
  • They work in 30 key industries of the economy
2 Stellar faculty

They are top professors from international business schools: CEIBS, INSEAD, IMD, Cambridge University, IESE, MIT, HKUST, Stanford University.

  • The professors have been selected in line with the individual attributes and requirements of the class
  • They are all academic practitioners boasting vast consulting experience in different industries.
  • They are the authors of courses that have been developed specifically for the programme
3 Opportunities of the SKOLKOVO community

During your studies at SKOLKOVO you will join a unique business community, establish valuable business contacts and friendships, grow personally and develop projects in a stimulating environment surrounded by talented individuals.

  • SKOLKOVO students and alumni
  • Your project mentors are Russia’s leading senior executives
  • The programme experts deliver presentations as part of each module
  • Programme professors/the faculty
  • The Founding partners of SKOLKOVO
4 Practical focus of the programme

In addition to traditional lectures, our professors use innovative teaching methods that facilitate your assimilation of information and development of skills

  • Home assignments are individualised, and address the current business challenges facing your company
  • Interactive lectures
  • Group work on foreign and Russian case studies
  • Business simulations
  • Project work in China and the USA
5 More than just an education
The SKOLKOVO EMBA is not only a world-class business education, but also an experience that will change your entire life, a powerful personal development tool and an opportunity to push you to new limits

Students about programme

  • Students about programme (04:13)
Rustam Zhursunov
Samruk Kazyna National Welfare Fund, Finance Director

– What are your personal key achievements from the programme?

– I am frequently asked what an Executive МВА means. Everybody knows what an MBA is, so why Executive? I explain it like this: Take for example, a soldier. He can serve for a long time and reach the grade of colonel. However, he will not become a general until he has graduated from the academy. One of my favourite heroes, Winston Churchill, was due to read a lecture at the private school Harrow, where he had also studied. Churchill was already over 80, and it was the intention of the organisers that this lecture should mark a fitting end to his career. A huge crowd gathered. And he turned up and pronounced the shortest speech of his life: “Never give in – never, never, never, never.” The same principle holds true here. At SKOLKOVO I can escape my daily routine and observe it from the outside. When I come back, I undergo a micro-reassessment, which enables me to make further progress.

All of us here are successful people, who have either developed or created a business. We knew a great deal, but this knowledge had not been systematised, it had been pigeonholed. If you don’t understand, you will never acquire knowledge. Here all this knowledge formed part of the system. Now you can run any business model through this system and look at it calmly with detachment. My decisions have become more structured. I personally came here as a CEO, and will leave as a freer individual. Now I can start a new business or work for a company. I now manage companies as a board member and chairman of the board. And with every passing week I have opportunities at more and more companies. This is personal growth.

Yes, you reach a new level - you represent the shareholders at a business and set objectives for companies. Sometimes you have to “run roughshod” through carefully prepared strategies. I sometimes even feel sorry for people, but this is the challenge. In general, to all intents and purposes, I have achieved a professional breakthrough. When we were admitted to the programme, we were already flying at say 15,000 metres. Now we are approaching the stratosphere.

– Do you apply in practice any mechanisms or tools that you obtained at SKOLKOVO?

– I often use Porter’s diagram and on occasion the decision tree. I always draw diagrams during work to help people gain a better understanding.

– What might you say to anyone thinking of applying to SKOLKOVO?

– As I have already said, for me SKOLKOVO means a break from the daily grind and serious pressure. For four days you find yourself in a different dimension. Here you will meet a number of good entrepreneurs focused on income generation. I myself do interesting, perhaps even great things. I would not go so far as to say that I am already a good entrepreneur. However, at the very least I have started to perceive situations from a different angle. My one regret is that I did not have good ideas from the outset that I could have run through all 18 modules. Logically, I should have ended up with a real diamond.

I came here as the salaried employee of a well-established business, where they already use best practices, shall we say. However, I did the assignments on my own, without fail – I either drew on my own past experience or modelled the situation. This actually helps a great deal.

Alexey Voronin
EMBA 2 (2011–2012)

...For me personally the SKOLKOVO Executive MBA programme means, first and foremost a team - a team of like-minded individuals. When I was admitted to the business school, I imagine for a long time who my fellow students might be. I was extremely surprised to come and find here a team of like-minded people. It is not only enjoyable to spend time studying with them and become friends, but also to launch new projects and do business with them. As well as acquiring new knowledge and skills, I personally consider the most significant aspect of the studies the fact that I launched a whole range of new business projects, including some with my fellow students...
Vladimir Voloshin
William Grant & Sons, Marketing Manager

- List your key achievements from the programme. What knowledge that you received during the programme did you manage to apply at work?

– I currently work in a comparatively new team. We gather the best people from different organisations to further develop the business. Coaching is the first thing where I started to apply the knowledge obtained from the programme. New people require the experience of someone who has already worked in the industry for a long time.

I also use my new knowledge and skills to develop the local development strategy for our premium brands. This segment is growing very rapidly, and we perceive significant potential here. Recently, all our indicators on the market valuation of brands increased and client loyalty increased. This means that all our marketing activities – and this is my area of work – are being performed effectively. Now we are studying the marketing module, and I can compare what we do in practice and what the teacher says. It transpires that we are doing a number of things correctly. In this sense I have been lucky: I work for an independent family business where you enjoy a certain degree of flexibility and where rapid decision-making is the norm, unlike public companies. We use the horizontal HR model to attain the best results.

As for personal achievements, this year, for example, we are bringing to market my personal development – a whisky that for the first time in history has been matured in casks made from Russian oak. We have already received phenomenal marks from specialists, who performed a blind tasting.

– Did the tuition from the programme affect your career advancement?

– When I was admitted to SKOLKOVO, senior management and the line managers who I work with knew about this. As a result I managed to join a special talent development programme that the company is implementing. And this is naturally a major step for me, as a maximum of five-seven people are enrolled from all over the world each year. They saw my potential and now I am doing all I can to prove they made the right decision. This could result in promotion and a foreign placement. For example, I might work with Eastern European markets or the markets of North Africa, where my experience would appear most useful.

– Can you say a few words for people who are thinking about applying to SKOLKOVO? Why should they choose this business school?

– I will proceed based on my own personal experience. Firstly, it is important that you can obtain such a first-class education in Moscow, near home and work. I have experience of studying in Great Britain, and the four-hour time difference was a killer. Secondly the Executive МВА programme is structured in line with international standards and is conducted in English. This provides another opportunity for practice during work in groups, to try out your presentation skills before a large audience, to leverage international experience and use the language of international communications. Thirdly, the cooperation of the school with Russian business leaders is very important for me. For example, over the next five years I intend to stay in Russia, work in Russia and confirm my professional qualifications after obtaining a Russian education. This will be a first for me – until now I had studied abroad. In other words we receive new knowledge that can be put into practice in Russia and gain priceless business ties.

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