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Professors and Experts

The Executive MBA is staffed by professors from the leading business schools: CEIBS, INSEAD, LBS, Cambridge University, IESE, ESADE, MIT, HKUST, Stanford University, Toronto University, etc.

The professors develop programmes tailor-made for the SKOLKOVO EMBA, adapting international practice to Russian reality and the individual characteristics of the class.

The experts-practitioners of the SKOLKOVO MBA are leaders in various fields of business, politics, sport and culture, who speak on each programme module.

The speakers complement the academic component of the programme, contributing their own unique practical expertise on the specific module. They clarify cases drawing on personal experience, discuss the specifics of doing business in our country and enrich the study material with first-hand experience. The expert presentations are held after the lectures at the end of the day and are followed by Q&A sessions.

Professors and teachers of SKOLKOVO
Moscow School of Management
Keith Goodall
Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Strategic & Managerial mindset

Keith Goodall has a PhD from Cambridge University where he is currently a researcher at Judge Business School and senior lecturer at Wolfson College.

He lectures on the MBA programme at Cambridge University and holds the position of Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). At CEIBS Keith teaches the MBA and EMBA programmes and also runs his own corporate training programmes.

Keith is one of the world’s most popular business trainers. He organises on a regular basis educational programmes for the employees of such international companies as KPMG, Deloitte, Siemens, Lufthansa German Airlines, Shell, BP, Deutsche Bank, GE, Hewlett Packard and many others. He also works with Chinese companies – for example, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), the Bank of China and China Life Insurance, and is also extremely knowledgeable about the Russian market thanks to cooperation with Russian Railways OJSC.

Jack Denfield Wood
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Jack Wood is a Professor at CEIBS (China) and a practising psychotherapist. He was previously a pilot in the US Air Force.

His research interests include: leadership and executive leadership team development, the structure and dynamics of small groups, depth psychology and subconscious processes, and negotiations.

Jack delivers courses on leadership and organisational behaviour. He worked for a number of years as a research and teaching fellow at IMD and Yale University (USA). Jack received the Academy of Management Learning & Education Award for Best Paper. He has published articles in the Financial Times, Perspectives for Managers, Business Spectator, Tomorrow’s Challenges. Jack has advised multinationals in Asia, India, Europe, North America and countries in the Middle East.

Adrian Ryans
Strategic Marketing

Adrian Ryans is Professor of Marketing and Strategy at IMD business school. He has been a recipient of the Leader in Management Education award founded by the National Post newspaper (Canada).

As a consultant on B2B marketing, Adrian has advised leading global companies, such as General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of Montreal and many others. He has published numerous articles in such journals as the European Financial Review, Perspectives for Managers, Tomorrow’s Challenges, etc.

Salman Mufti
Queen’s School of Business

Salman Mufti has a BSc from McMaster University (Canada), several Executive MBA and also MBA teaching excellence awards.

His teaching and academic areas of expertise include executive decision-making and information technology strategies. Salman has taught at public and international schools. Prior to joining Queen’s School of Business in 1997, he worked for 12 years as manager and consultant, advising organisations in the public and private sectors. Salman continues to advise senior management and public officials and is a regular speaker at conferences on corporate issues and executive education programmes

Benoit Leleux

Benoit Leleux is an internationally recognised specialist in entrepreneurship, venture capital, private investments and family businesses.

Benoit has several academic degrees, including a PhD from INSEAD, specialising in Corporate Finance and Venture Capital and MBA from Virginia Tech. Now he teaches at IMD, where he ran for a long time the MBA programme and research centre. Since 2008 Benoit has been director of the IMD award Lombard Odier Global Family Business.

Benoit’s educational courses for managers at all levels have received more than a dozen international awards and are used at leading international corporations.

Earl Kay Stice
Accounting/Financial and Managerial Analysis

Earl Kay Stice has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Brigham Young University (USA) and a PhD from Cornell University (USA).

He has been included on two occasions in the list of the top ten lecturers at HKUST.

Earl has delivered a variety of executive education and corporate training programmes in the United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia and South Africa. He has been an expert witness in major cases related to the recovery of damages and tax disputes. Earl is the co-author of accounting and financial accounting textbooks. He has published numerous articles in the Journal of Business, The Accounting Review and in other academic and professional journals.

Ahmad Rahnema Alavi
Corporate Finance

Ahmad Rahnema Alavi conducts research on international financial relations, risk management and means of payment. He works at IESE where he is Deputy Associated Dean for Faculty, Director of the Faculty of Financial Management and holder of the Chair for Energy and Social Development. He also lectures on a regular basis at universities in the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and other countries. As an external expert Ahmad has worked on several consulting projects for international companies.

Ahmad has published articles in scientific journals and magazines for a mainstream audience. He is the author of several books, including recently Finanzas Internacionales [International Finance].

Jaume Ribera
IESE Business School
Operations Management

Jaume Ribera is Professor of Operations Management at IESE Business School (Spain) and Chair of the Logistics Faculty at China Europe International Business School.

Jaume actively consults private and public companies on business process improvement, supply chain management and project management. He has run health sector projects in Europe, Asia and South America, worked with private and public finance, the European Union and the World Bank. Jaume was Vice-President of the Board of the savings bank Caixa Terrasa in Spain.

Moty Cristal
Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Moty Cristal is a Professor of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, lecturer at TelAviv University and the Lauder School of Government Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Centre in Herzliya (Israel).

At the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya Moty is a researcher and runs programmes on international negotiations at IIASA, Harvard Law School and IDSS.

Moty has a PhD from the London School of Economics. He is the founder of the consulting firm NEST Consulting Group and the General Director of Negotiation Strategies LTD, which conducts complex negotiations and teaches crisis management, and also advises corporate executives and government officials.

Tomas Casas i Klett
HSG, University of Toronto
Macroeconomics, International Module in China

Tomas Casas i Klett specialises in three areas: finance, international management and political science. In 2005 he completed his PhD at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). Tomas is fluent in English, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Tomas started his career as a businessman. Now he is a business angel and focuses primarily on strategic issues.

Since 2006 Tomas has been teaching at the University of St. Gallen and has been a partner of the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University. He teaches primarily courses on entrepreneurship and corporate governance. Tomas created the course Doing Business in Asia, paying particular attention to Japan, India and China. Tomas also works regularly with MBA and EMBA students, and also the leadership of such internationally recognised academic institutions as the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (Canada), the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and INSEAD. Since 2009 he has been a regular lecturer on different programmes at the School of Management at Fudan University.

In 2009 Tomas was awarded the Jonathan Welch Case Award, granted by the North American Case Research Association (NACRA), for the research work AMS China: Sell Now or Later.

Stephen Carver
Cranfield School of Management
Change Management

Stephen Carver has an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, where he works to this day as a teacher. Like many other professors, he started his career in business. Stephen was responsible for strategic change at a multinational corporation, was head of the Floating Harrods project company for Virgin and managed oil production projects in the North Sea. At present he runs a company providing project management services for major banks and law firms, including a number of companies on the FTSE-100 list.

Stephen spends most of his time on teaching and research, proactively studying project management, crisis management and communications. He has published articles in such business journals as Management Focus and Project Management Journal and the FT Handbook of Management.

Yuri Levin
Queen’s School of Business
Decision Marketing

Yuri Levin teaches business decision modelling, operations management and pricing courses in MBA, Executive МВА, MS/PhD. and B. Commerce programmes.

During the past four years Yuri has been nominated for the annual prize Best MBA Teacher. He has published numerous works on revenue management and dynamic pricing.

Yuri was the 2010 recipient of the Queen’s School of Business Award for Research Achievement and 2003 New Researcher Achievement Award. He is the editor of the journal Management Science for operations management, consults actively on modelling and price optimisation issues, and develops corporate training programmes on strategic analysis, operations management and price optimisation strategies. Yuri is a director on the advisory boards of several companies.

Jim Pulcrano
International Module in USA

Jim Pulcrano has an MBA from IMD and PhD from Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Before teaching, he worked as an engineer in the Mexican Gulf and West Africa at Schlumberger and managed a Swiss medical equipment manufacturer.

In March 1993 Jim joined the leadership team at IMD. He focuses primarily on entrepreneurship and the Silicon Valley, and also research on development strategies and innovations. In parallel Jim designs on-line courses and delivers training courses for entrepreneurs as part of the project IMD Startup Competition and runs the organisation The Swiss Venture Kick.

Experts of SKOLKOVO
Moscow School of Management
First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Igor Shuvalov is responsible for finance, privatisation and housing. From 1998-2009 he served as Chairman of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Chief of the Government Executive Office, Deputy Chief of Presidential Administration, First Deputy Prime Minister, and national coordinator for CIS Affairs. On 2 February 2010 President Dmitry Medvedev instructed Shuvalov to oversee issues aimed improving Russia’s investment image.

Pyotr AVEN
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alfa-Bank

Pyotr Aven has been President and co-owner of Alfa-Bank since 1994. Member of the Supervisory Board of Alfa Group Consortium, Co-Chairman of the Board of CTC Media, Chairman of the Board of Golden Telecom and AlfaStrakhovanie. Pyotr has been a member of the board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs since 2006 and head of the Russia-Latvia Business Council since 2007. Pyotr is a candidate in economic sciences, and professor at the National Research University - Higher School of Economics.

Alexander ABRAMOV
Chairman of the Board, EVRAZ Group SA

Alexander Abramov has since 1992 held senior management positions at Evraz (previously known as Evrazmetall) that he co-founded. Since 2008 Alexander has been Chairman of the Board of Evraz Group SA and a member of the Bureau of the Council of Entrepreneurs set up by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Brand founder and Chairman of the Board, Tinkoff

Oleg Tinkov launched the Technoshock consumer electronics chain, the MusicShock chain store, the SHOCK Records recording studio, the Darya brand, Tinkoff brewery and Tinkoff chain of restaurants-microbreweries. Since 2006 Oleg has been chairman of the Tinkoff Credit Systems commercial bank. At the start of March 2013 he announced the launch of Tinkoff Airlines.

Chairman of the Board of GHP GROUP (ex. Fleming Family & Partners)

Mark Garber worked for ten years as a psychiatrist at the Institute of Psychiatry of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health, before opening one of the first recording studios in the country and participating in the creation of the first cooperatives in Russia. In 1994 he founded the UCB commercial bank. In 1998 Mark was appointed Executive Director of Fleming UCB, and in 2000 became Senior Partner at Fleming Family and Partners, one of the world's best-known investment companies.

Vladimir DOLGOV
Head of eBay Russia

Prior to eBay, Vladimir Dolgov was head of Google Russia and also worked for five years as CEO of the Ozon.ru on-line retailer.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

Prior to his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Arkady worked as Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade, Head of the Expert Group of the President of Russia, assistant to the President of Russia, expert of the Centre for Strategic Research and adviser to the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade.

Managing Director for Macro Analysis, Senior Economist, AFK Sistema

Before joining Sistema, Evgeny Nadorshin worked for six years as senior economist for Trust Investment Bank. He headed the research department of Jones Lang LaSalle (Russia) for two years. Since 2009 Evgeny has been an adviser to the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation. He is a professor at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics.

Alexander CHMEL
PwC Partner

Alexander Chmel has worked for more than 20 years in audit and consulting, including engagements with major electricity companies for the last 15 years. He has led a number of consulting engagements on reform of the power sector in Russia and the implementation of international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

Director of International Projects, Mikhailov and Partners

Ellen Pinchuk has worked since 1989 as a consultant and producer of American and British TV and film companies. She has worked as head of production at BBDO, Editor-in-Chief at CTV Canada in Moscow, and reporter for Bloomberg News in Moscow. In 2010 Ellen was appointed Director of International Projects at Mikhailov and Partners, Strategic Communications Management.

Co-owner and head of the project OneTwoTrip.Com

Pyotr Kutis has supervised several projects involving the development of automated content management systems, and also airline and railway tickets and hotel booking sales systems. He also participated in the launch of AnyWayAnyDay.com.

President, Astra Rossa Centre of Industrial Design and Innovations

From 1994 Vladimir Pirozhkov was the interior designer at Citroёn, and subsequently senior designer at Toyota's design centre. He created and runs the multi-industry Astra Rossa Centre of Industrial Design and Innovations. One of the centre’s first projects was the colouring and corporate identity of the Sukhoi Superjet 100. Vladimir is an honorary Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

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