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December 6th, 2017
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December 13th, 2017
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Executive MBA Programme

The SKOLKOVO Executive MBA is an international business education for senior executives and business owners

Advantages of the programme:

1 Unique class profile

SKOLKOVO EMBA students are the people who will define the future: the intellectual elite and the most promising representatives of senior management and the business community from Russia and the CIS.

  • 45 are leaders from different areas of business in the class
  • 40% run their own businesses
  • 60% are CEOs and directors
  • On average they have nine years of management experience
  • They work in 30 key industries of the economy
2 Stellar faculty

They are top professors from international business schools: CEIBS, INSEAD, IMD, Cambridge University, IESE, MIT, HKUST, Stanford University.

  • The professors have been selected in line with the individual attributes and requirements of the class
  • They are all academic practitioners boasting vast consulting experience in different industries.
  • They are the authors of courses that have been developed specifically for the programme
3 Opportunities of the SKOLKOVO community

During your studies at SKOLKOVO you will join a unique business community, establish valuable business contacts and friendships, grow personally and develop projects in a stimulating environment surrounded by talented individuals.

  • SKOLKOVO students and alumni
  • Your project mentors are Russia’s leading senior executives
  • The programme experts deliver presentations as part of each module
  • Programme professors/the faculty
  • The Founding partners of SKOLKOVO
4 Practical focus of the programme

In addition to traditional lectures, our professors use innovative teaching methods that facilitate your assimilation of information and development of skills

  • Home assignments are individualised, and address the current business challenges facing your company
  • Interactive lectures
  • Group work on foreign and Russian case studies
  • Business simulations
  • Project work in China and the USA
5 More than just an education
The SKOLKOVO EMBA is not only a world-class business education, but also an experience that will change your entire life, a powerful personal development tool and an opportunity to push you to new limits

Students about programme

  • Students about programme (04:13)
Alexander Shelukhin
EMBA 2 (2010–2011)
EuroDar LTd. Companies, Founder

...I had extremely high expectations and wanted to be able to establish good networking ties, have an opportunity to communicate with the best teachers and founding partners. And I am very pleased with everything that I received...
Armen Vardanyan
EMBA 1 (2009–2010)
Vagr Vina-Vita, President

...Objective – To create more...

The first question that everyone asks about SKOLKOVO: “How could you pay such money?” And then they start comparing it with other business schools. There are probably other institutions where you can spend your time in an interesting and beneficial way. However, for me it was more important, believing in the idea of the founders, to make a contribution to the actual establishment of the school, the birth of something new. We, the first group of students, perceive ourselves more as partners than customers of the school. Money was not the decisive issue. At the same time, however, each one of us personally paid for the education, rather than the company where we work.

There is a vast amount of interesting information. The very first module, General Management read by Keith Goodall, was simply mind-blowing. My first degree was in languages – I am an Arabist and graduated from the Institute of Asian and African Studies. And I obtained most of my knowledge in business from my own personal mistakes. However, here you come away with the feeling that everything is stacked up brick by brick, systematically. Even when painfully familiar topics are expressed by someone else, they are classified, and you understand them in a new way. Once every 20 years, you need to “upgrade” yourself in this way.

Understandably, the teachers don’t teach us everything. None of them run a business - at most they have consulted other people. However, there is a second important component – a team of individuals who are completely unique. For me people are the most valuable asset here. In the past I would also escape routine regularly – I have my own wine business, so I spend five-seven months a year travelling both in Russian regions and abroad – Argentina, Chile, South America, Europe. However, business trips are a completely different matter, there my comfort zone is far greater than at a business school: here I had to get used to a completely new environment during the first few modules. I don't mean becoming a student again, but rather the fact that most of the group are younger and each individual has ambitions and is trying to show what he or she is worth. Here it is irrelevant who is an owner, who is a CEO and who simply works for a company

Communicating with intelligent and engaged individuals is a rare opportunity. Each one of us has personal objectives, but many of them coincide. The key objective is to create more. It goes without saying that it is important where you go after the business school, what position you have and how much you subsequently earn. However, it is gratifying to see that there are so many individuals here who have not come simply to take, but rather want to give back.

We help each other, in words and deeds. We are constantly creating something. Several new business projects are already being discussed by just our group. And all these projects, which originated without the assistance of the founding fathers – we understand that we will have to do everything on our own and cannot rely on anyone.

It is quite another matter that any idea should be facilitated by opportunities. At present, however, they are limited. In our country, business is blocked from the outset, and in the case of the wine business, legislation changes once every three months. For example, we woke up on 3 January and discovered that we needed new licences, but nobody knew where to get them. Before that was 2006 and the introduction of the Unified State Automated Information System … We cannot expect stability.

On the other hand, it is easier to study, as there is a certain lull in work. You take one step back and see what you have done all these years. It is as if you are in another hemisphere. And then the breakthrough happens, some new idea appears and some new drive.

I have come up with a new project. I want to return to the knowledge to which I dedicated ten years of my past life and apply this experience and these connections in a new direction. However, for the time being it is too early to talk about this – let everything work out first.

Konstantin Mashanskiy
Office Print Service Ltd, Founder

– Please list your key achievements due to the programme at present.

The programme provides us with a vast bundle of knowledge. Even though I already have two university degrees – including in economics – I constantly derive some new inspiration from the SKOLKOVO programme. We focus on developing markets and international experience is competently interwoven with Russian nuances. Analysing cases from Europe and the USA, we “fine-tune” them in line with Russian specifics. I was also extremely interested by the focus on China – this is a major economic partner of our large country and the whole world and naturally we will have to organise mutual relations.

Here we are taught at the most advanced level. We are shown in modules how views on various business processes have evolved. For example, in my favourite module General Management with Keith Goodall we were shown where we currently stand in management, negotiations and marketing. We often rush on a squirrel wheel and believe that we are running very fast and that everything is wonderful. In actual fact, however, after talking here to students and professors, you understand that this level is possibly twenty years out of date, and that other people are moving three times as fast.

– What knowledge and skills did you manage to apply at the work?

– I am not interested in career advancement, because I run my own business. Consequently, business represents progress that has to be managed. Here SKOLKOVO also helps us.

I am striving to improve key performance indicators, increase profits, increase client loyalty and optimise business processes. The programme here delivers specific results. For example, after a very strong module on business processes, I analysed my own service component, broke it down according to the proposed methodologies and assessed its effectiveness and our focus. It transpired that we had been focusing on the wrong area – we had not been concentrating on our clients. We had prioritised the utilisation levels of the delivery service. We utilised one unit 100%, but only this unit was effective. At the same time, we were clearly not delivering professional client service. Now I perceive similar problems and understand that if we change one process at the company, other processes will also start to change. Everything should work taken as a whole.

In addition, it is correct that SKOLKOVO not only provides knowledge, but also stimulates personal growth.

– Do you mean the leadership course?

– Yes, I am referring to the leadership course. We received individual tuition and were taught how to talk in public, how to always be ready for an interview and derive enjoyment from this process. I would also like to note that communications with the other students represent another important aspect of the education. I knew about this, but had been extremely sceptical. Out of all my fellow students at Plekhanov Academy, I only stay in touch with one person. As for Bauman, I have kept no contacts, as we all went our own separate ways and no longer had common interests. And now, as we turn 40, we already understand our place in life and want to run our businesses more effectively. Consequently, communicating with other people is extremely beneficial. All in all SKOLKOVO helps you to break through your own boundaries and grow all the time.

And SKOLKOVO does not let you stop. We have training courses that simply don’t end: once you enter the process, you go with the flow.

– And so why is worth choosing SKOLKOVO?

– First of all, if you want to develop a business in Russia, an international business school will be less helpful. Secondly, SKOLKOVO will give you a boost. Successful individuals, who are at different stages of development, study on the EMBA programme, and SKOLKOVO stimulates their growth. It does not matter if someone changes the area of activities or someone else starts moving more rapidly. The key is that we all advance more quickly. And I agree that at some point we, the Skolkovo Executive MBA graduates, will run the country and actually change something both in the state and in business. Here we are already working on changing the situation for the better.

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