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May 30, 2018
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Executive MBA Programme

The SKOLKOVO Executive MBA is an international business education for senior executives and business owners

Advantages of the programme:

1 Unique class profile

SKOLKOVO EMBA students are the people who will define the future: the intellectual elite and the most promising representatives of senior management and the business community from Russia and the CIS.

  • 45 are leaders from different areas of business in the class
  • 40% run their own businesses
  • 60% are CEOs and directors
  • On average they have nine years of management experience
  • They work in 30 key industries of the economy
2 Stellar faculty

They are top professors from international business schools: CEIBS, INSEAD, IMD, Cambridge University, IESE, MIT, HKUST, Stanford University.

  • The professors have been selected in line with the individual attributes and requirements of the class
  • They are all academic practitioners boasting vast consulting experience in different industries.
  • They are the authors of courses that have been developed specifically for the programme
3 Opportunities of the SKOLKOVO community

During your studies at SKOLKOVO you will join a unique business community, establish valuable business contacts and friendships, grow personally and develop projects in a stimulating environment surrounded by talented individuals.

  • SKOLKOVO students and alumni
  • Your project mentors are Russia’s leading senior executives
  • The programme experts deliver presentations as part of each module
  • Programme professors/the faculty
  • The Founding partners of SKOLKOVO
4 Practical focus of the programme

In addition to traditional lectures, our professors use innovative teaching methods that facilitate your assimilation of information and development of skills

  • Home assignments are individualised, and address the current business challenges facing your company
  • Interactive lectures
  • Group work on foreign and Russian case studies
  • Business simulations
  • Project work in China and the USA
5 More than just an education
The SKOLKOVO EMBA is not only a world-class business education, but also an experience that will change your entire life, a powerful personal development tool and an opportunity to push you to new limits

Students about programme

  • Students about programme (04:13)
Svetlana Hoersch
The World Bank, Operations Analyst

I expected to get a top-level business education, establish good networking contacts and new ideas for business and life. And I got all this at SKOLKOVO. Moreover I feel that I have started to understand myself better.
Vadim Zelensky
EMBA 2 (2010–2011)
Zelenski Corporate Solutions, General Director

...SKOLKOVO provides a good opportunity to learn more about management skills and focus on the development of leadership skills. I think that this is a wonderful place with significant potential and probably one of the best schools in Russia in the area of business administration...
Alexander Lagutin
Nazvanie.net CFO

– What knowledge and skills obtained during the programme did you manage to apply in your work?

You come away with something new from each module. Take, for example, the decision tree. I had a problem involving the restructuring of debts running into hundreds of millions of dollars. This brought with it a heavy emotional burden. However, thanks to the decision tree, I was able to look at the situation rationally, understand and start to act. I was also helped by the negotiating module.

In general, all the knowledge is accumulated and streamlined throughout the studies, and you gradually change your way of thinking. As a result many people change their jobs and start aspiring to do something new. When I came to SKOLKOVO, I had to pigeonhole the knowledge I had at the time and understand whether I was using it correctly. I wanted to analyse my own experience and reach the next level. When this transition occurs, you start to communicate with your work colleagues in a new way. Sometimes misunderstandings can occur. Sometimes it can be boring. Sometimes you leave a job due to certain circumstances, whereas in another situation you would have immediately started considering new offers. However, now first and foremost you want to complete your studies.

– How did the programme affect your personal development and performance?

My performance clearly improved. I started to do some things more quickly. During the studies you gain access to new management technologies, methods for performing analysis, etc. After each case I applied the knowledge and skills that I had obtained. This enabled me to organise people in a different way and to identify my own strengths and weaknesses.

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