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May 24, 2017
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November, 2017
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Executive MBA Programme

The SKOLKOVO Executive MBA is an international business education for senior executives and business owners

Advantages of the programme:

1 Unique class profile

SKOLKOVO EMBA students are the people who will define the future: the intellectual elite and the most promising representatives of senior management and the business community from Russia and the CIS.

  • 45 are leaders from different areas of business in the class
  • 40% run their own businesses
  • 60% are CEOs and directors
  • On average they have nine years of management experience
  • They work in 30 key industries of the economy
2 Stellar faculty

They are top professors from international business schools: CEIBS, INSEAD, IMD, Cambridge University, IESE, MIT, HKUST, Stanford University.

  • The professors have been selected in line with the individual attributes and requirements of the class
  • They are all academic practitioners boasting vast consulting experience in different industries.
  • They are the authors of courses that have been developed specifically for the programme
3 Opportunities of the SKOLKOVO community

During your studies at SKOLKOVO you will join a unique business community, establish valuable business contacts and friendships, grow personally and develop projects in a stimulating environment surrounded by talented individuals.

  • SKOLKOVO students and alumni
  • Your project mentors are Russia’s leading senior executives
  • The programme experts deliver presentations as part of each module
  • Programme professors/the faculty
  • The Founding partners of SKOLKOVO
4 Practical focus of the programme

In addition to traditional lectures, our professors use innovative teaching methods that facilitate your assimilation of information and development of skills

  • Home assignments are individualised, and address the current business challenges facing your company
  • Interactive lectures
  • Group work on foreign and Russian case studies
  • Business simulations
  • Project work in China and the USA
5 More than just an education
The SKOLKOVO EMBA is not only a world-class business education, but also an experience that will change your entire life, a powerful personal development tool and an opportunity to push you to new limits

Students about programme

  • Students about programme (04:13)
Evgeny Shevtsov
Promyshlennye Tekhnologii Management Company, Sales Director

– Please list your key achievements from the programme at present.

I am a marketing expert by education, vocation and profession. First and foremost, the school enabled me to systematise my thoughts. Previously we would do many things intuitively: we would assess the market and try to formalise external information. However, in the absence of an integrated system these were mere isolated fragments. After I completed the marketing assignment, the system finally took shape. Previously I had not even realised the extent to which my “knowledge cell” was fragmentary. And in this context I would state that the school as a whole and the Executive МВА programme in particular enables you to think more broadly. Here I understood once more that you should study constantly and never stand still.

– How has the programme changed you and your life?

My career has advanced. I changed company during the tuition – and this represented progress both in my career and also in terms of personal development. That is not to say that the school was the reason. However, communications with interesting and intelligent people enabled me to look at life from a different angle. And it turned out to be far broader and richer than I had thought.

– And why is it worth studying at SKOLKOVO?

There is one rule – taken from the world of boxing. To be successful, you have to train with the strongest. In this sense, we were lucky. The business school is very good at selecting people for groups. It goes without saying that everybody here has their own psychological makeup, but they are all on the same level, they are all self-sufficient and have their own opinions. And when you join such a group, you want to grow. Personal growth is a given.

Andrei Volkov told me about the programme. I became interested, turned up for a presentation and was very impressed. The presentation was delivered by Valeria Pavliukovskaya. She was followed by Ruben Vardanyan, whose energy is simply infectious. Another key moment was that I saw the profile of the EMBA-7 group: very interesting people and very interesting companies.

The module timetable was another reason: you spend only two working days here - the other two days are the weekend. This is ideal for business. Every academic day is full to bursting: we start at 9am and end, for example, at 7pm, but then listen to the invited speakers. We also have a very comfortable campus: the auditorium is located in the same building as the hotel. As far as I know, other schools do not offer this. Sometime I even leverage the opportunity to take a 15-20 minute nap during the breaks – and rapidly recover.

– And what assignments were most beneficial?

All the modules were extremely useful. The wonderful professor Keith Goodall gave us management modules: Taylor, Mayo, Lawrence, and Lorsch. Even though this was theoretical material, it proved to be useful for practical use. Meanwhile Jack Wood showed us that businesses need different people. We conducted a survey and found that ninety per cent of the class were prior to SKOLKOVO “Red Army commanders”, who thought that only two opinions existed: “my one and the wrong one.” And we would recruit similar people for our teams. In general, this was related to the Russian management style: we have here a rigid, authoritarian approach. On the other hand, our country needs a certain amount of rigidity in management. Now I am abandoning the old style, while trying to maintain control. We are recruiting different people, and have already tested this principle in our company. I would also like to add that the module on financial analysis is very useful to non-financiers. Complex mathematical things were explained to us in a comprehensible way. It goes without saying that we have great teachers.

– Does this help you communicate with the financial director differently?

Our finance director was surprised, in just four days I had learned the ropes and understood the main gist. The material, which was hard to study on your own, was structured so that we would be able to master and apply it in practice.

Erlan Balgarin
Samruk Kazyna Finance, Managing Director

– Please list your key achievements from the programme at present.

– Approximately 30% of the knowledge that I obtained during the studies is applicable to my work, as it implies far greater authority than I have at present. In general I use the skills acquired in corporate finance and HR. Business performance indicators have also improved. I am on the board of directors of the bank. The bank’s financial position has improved and capital has increased significantly recently. It goes without saying that this is due to teamwork. However, I have also played a role in this success.

– How did the programme affect your personal growth and effectiveness?

– The SKOLKOVO EМВА programme does not involve simply studying individual disciplines; you also achieve self-identification. I am grateful to the school for identifying my strengths and weaknesses from the very outset. Throughout the course I constantly worked on them and analysed myself – previously I had never even thought about this. In general, I perceive SKOLKOVO as a whole period in my life that has an impact on everything: relations with family, friends and colleagues, and also certain important decisions. And I am very grateful to my fellow students. We have a great deal in common when it comes to value systems and culture. We find it interesting to communicate and exchange opinions. And this provides a powerful push so that the educational process proceeds even more intensively. If you live according to a certain template, here you realise what this template is and whether it is working for you. SKOLKOVO makes it possible, roughly speaking, to “rewrite your own programme”. This is probably the most important aspect for me personally.

– What knowledge and skills obtained in the programme do you apply at work?

– For example, I apply new skills when forming a team. After determining team roles based on the Belbin Team Inventory, you understand where you are and the individuals that you need on your team. As a result, this has a very significant impact.

In actual fact, it is essential that we do not simply read books: our teachers clearly transmit their own experience. In this way we gain a better understanding of the subject and apply knowledge in practice.

– What assignment that you performed after the module did you find most useful and why?

– Here, I would highlight corporate finance. I had a fairly good understanding of accounting before SKOLKOVO. However, here I was shown details that I had not noticed previously. Previously I had been a user of the model, whereas now I can be a developer. When completing the assignment, I created the model on my own and personally performed all the calculations. This was very interesting.

Another interesting topic was HR when we performed the group assignment. We considered the most effective way of aligning the management of human resources at a specific company. We approached the issue amicably. Everyone expressed his own opinion, and we managed to make a number of valuable recommendations. In other words, we were able to contribute to the businesses of our colleagues.

– Why is worth choosing the SKOLKOVO Executive MBA?

– Why did I choose SKOLKOVO, rather than a French, English or American business school? Firstly because I am interested in the business community in Russia. I am from Kazakhstan and we are currently implementing integration processes. What is the point of going to another part of the world where I will probably never go again? Secondly, I believe SKOLKOVO to be the top school in Russia, which applies stringent selection requirements for students. Thirdly, our teachers come here from all over the world and give 100%, and demonstrate their worth so that they are invited to teach the next module. And finally, I can honestly say that the program represents the period in my life when I am constantly happy, because I experience a sense of freedom and innovation. This is very strong driver. If your daily life is marked by routine and boring chores, SKOLKOVO offers a real escape.

Vartan Dilanyan
Accenture in Russia, Managing Director

My impressions are extremely positive. I think this is a major achievement for Russia – to have a business school like SKOLKOVO. I like here the top quality professors and also the actual group and friendly environment in which we study.
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